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Co-Founding Partner / Hamilton, Bermuda

Passion is the connection to our lives.

I have a passion for personal development and is a certified executive coach, mediator and facilitator. I have provided programming internationally with expertise in soft skills development, conflict resolution, and performance coaching. My specialty is mindfulness-based well-being and I focus my work on the delivery of Six Steps, a mindfulness-based well-being group coaching programme. My career began in the non-profit sector, where I was the Executive Director of a child protection organization in Bermuda. I then moved to Dublin, Ireland where I joined the private sector to work for Accenture, a global leader in management consulting. Upon my return to Bermuda in 2017, I joined the public sector, where I was responsible training and programme facilitation for a Government run youth coaching programme. I have degrees from Georgetown University and the London School of Economics and I have a doctorate in Public Policy and Administration, with a research focus on the role of personal development in maximizing social and human service provision.

I am currently based in Hamilton, Bermuda.